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Benchtop Hyperspectral Imaging System

Product Name:Benchtop Hyperspectral Imaging System
Description:Complete hyperspectral imaging system for the laboratory.

Contains all hardware and software to acquire and analyze hyperspectral data.

Compatible with our entire line of hyperspectral imaging cameras.

Affordable and easy to use.

Type:Hyperspectral imaging
Year of introduction :2012
Year of last update:2017
Camera Controller 
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight [kg]:
Power requirements:Standard 110V or 220V wall sockets.
Type of data storage:File
Disc capacity [GB]:480
Number of discs:
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:
Camera Unit 
Camera unit Length [m]:
Camera unit Width [m]:
Camera unit Height [m]:
Camera unit Weight [kg]:
Power requirements:
Multi- & Hyperspectral Sensor Characteristics 
Numer of spectral channels:
Spectral resolution [nm]:
Most narrow wavelength captured [nm]:350
Most wide wavelength captured [nm]:1700
Type of CCD or CMOS:
Image resolution:pushbroom imagers; up to 1600 spatial pixels per line
Field of View Horizontal [deg]:
Field of View Vertical [deg]:
Observation angle [deg]:
Focal length of available lenses [mm]:
Sensor arrangement/method:
Pixel size [µm]:
Dynamic range [bits]:
Frame rate (f/s):
Thermal Sensor Characteristics 
Min. temperature sensing [°C]:5
Max. temperature sensing[°C]:40
Accuracy of temp. measurement:
Sensor temperature resolution[°C]:
Operation Characteristics 
Platforms (e.g. Helicopter, fixed wing):Complete laboratory system.
Min. flying height [m]:
Max. flying height [m]:
Min. operation temperature [°C]:
Max. operation temperature [°C]:
Export data formats :.bil
Type of mission planning software:Resonon made. Sample data available at
Type of postprocessing software:Resonon made. Available for free download.
Application and use 
Training facilities:optional
Main applications :Precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, forestry, food science, plant sciences, animal sciences, geology.
Distinguishable features :Complete system - contains all hardware and software to acquire and analyze hyperspectral data.

Affordable and easy-to-use.

Excellent support.

Sample data and hyperspetral analysis software available for download at

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Supplier Information
  • Resonon, Inc.

  • 123 Commercial Drive
  • MT 59715 Bozeman
  • United States of America



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