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Oceanix Nearshore

Product Name:Oceanix Nearshore
Product Description:Oceanix Nearshore correction service delivers exceptional sub-decimetre positioning for diverse marine applications including dredging, hydrographic survey and mapping. The high-rate corrections broadcast enables carrier phase ambiguity resolution within the GNSS receiver, greatly enhancing the accuracy and speeding recovery from GNSS signal interruptions.
Year of introduction :
Area of application:Marine
Type:Real Time Correction Service
Compatible Receivers:Supported on all NovAtel OEM7® platforms
Technical specifications 
Horizontal accurcacy (RMSE) {cm}:4
Vertical accuracy (RMSE) {cm}:6
Corrections base 
RTK Corrections Via NTRIP Network:
Signal :Satellite
Other:Corrections data delivered via geostationary satellites for worldwide coverage
Operating System:
INS Integration:Y
Offline operability:Y
Other:Control over entire data generation process
Subscription plans:Oceanix correction service is offered with multiple subscription durations.
Distinguishable features :Proprietary network with over 80 strategically located GNSS reference stations globally
Support:Customer support for the entire positioning solution from NovAtel
Typical applications:Marine hydrographic survey, dredging, mapping, coastal patrolling and other non-oil and gas marine applications

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Supplier Information
  • NovAtel

  • 1120 - 68th Avenue N.E.
  • T2E 8S5 Calgary
  • Alberta
  • Canada



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