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MicroSurvey embeddedCAD

Product Name:MicroSurvey embeddedCAD
Product Description:MicroSurvey embeddedCAD, Powered with Autodesk Technology™, is 100.0% compatible with AutoCAD® DWG® files. It's a fully-featured standalone surveying powerhouse with an industry-leading CAD engine. The program is built for surveyors that want to stick with a traditional CAD interface and engine, while having the ability to compute coordinates, balance traverses, annotate drawings, compute areas, and every other tool relevant to the modern surveyor.
Software version:2018
Mobile (real time connected to instrument):N
Laptop / Office computer (post processing):Y
Integrated environment for 
GNSS data:Y
GNSS + dead reckoning data (Mobile Mapping):N
TPS data:Y
Point cloud data :N
Level data:N
Integrated least squares computation of control:Y
Transformation between map projections:Y
Compute grid DTM:Y
Compute TIN:Y
Computation of sections through surfaces:Y
Volume computation from sections:Y
Volume computation by substracting surfaces:Y
CAD functions  
CAD functions for Internal measured building surveys:Y
CAD functions for open drainage modelling:Y
CAD functions for Rail applications:Y
CAD functions for Road applications:Y
CAD functions for Pipeline applications:Y
CAD functions for Overhead Power Line applications:N
CAD functions for Site development applications:Y
CAD functions for Industrial plant applications:Y
Output formats supported:DWG, DXF, DGN, PDF, CSV
GNSS data and processing 
GNSS static / RTK data collection:N
GNSS setting out :N
Input data formats supported:
Static baseline post-processing:N
Output data for least squares adjustment with data from other sources:N
Base and rover RTK:N
Network RTK:
Post processed kinematic:N
GNSS + dead reckoning data (mobile mapping) 
IMU data used trajectory computation:N
SLAM data used in trajectory computation:N
Wheel odometer data used in trajectory computation:N
SfM (photogrammetry) used in trajectory computation:N
Adjust trajectory to fit overlapping point cloud data:N
Adjust trajectory to fit ground control points:N
Adjust point clouds (not trajectory) to fit ground control points:N
Trajectory provided with precision data:N
Laser scanning 
Laser scan data collection:N
Compute unregistered point cloud:N
Point cloud registration to targets in cloud:N
Cloud to cloud registration:N
Scan data output formats supported:
Photogrammetric data processing 
Photo planning:N
Processing in cloud / on-premise:N
Airborne photography:N
Handheld terrestrial photography:N
Can more than one camera be used?:N
Camera calibration computed for all cameras used:N
Accepts input camera calibration data:N
Data from more than one camera supported:N
Accepts GNSS RTK photo exposure positions:N
Supports registration to ground control:N
Output data formats supported:
Total Station (TS) data processing 
Traverse computation:Y
Output data for least squares adjustment with data from other sources:Y
Compute 3D radial observations:Y
TS setting out:Y
Feature attribute coding:Y
Feature geometry coding:Y
Data input formats supported:Support for raw measurement data from all major brands of survey instruments and third party software.
Data output formats supported:Various formats including GSI, RAW, RW5, CR5, SDR, CSV
Import of instrument data:
Rise and fall level book format output:N
Height of collimation level book format output:N
Unadjusted levels, adjustment and adjusted level shown:N
Output data for least squares adjustment with data from other sources:N
More information 
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