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Panorama USB3 smallest cameras

Product Name:Panorama USB3 smallest cameras
Product Description:
Year of introduction :2011
Weight [kg]:0.030
Length [m]:0.03
Width [m]:0.03
Depth [m]:0.03
Standard compliances [ISO or others] :ISO
Environmental protection:yes
Operation characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:60
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:0
Humidity range [%]:80
Photo resolution [mp] :12
Geo-referencing of images:N
Type of positioning system:none
Mounting possibilities :bracket
Environmental sensors :no
Trigger modes:GPIO
Camera control:API/SDK
Max number of images p second:1000
Optics and Sensors 
Number of lenses:1
Focal length of lenses [mm]:1
Sensor type:CMOS
Resolution of one sensor:12
Pixel size [micrometer] :5.5
Field of view of one camera [degrees] :180
Dynamic range [bits]:60
Max. shutter speed [s]:1
Max number of frames per second:1000
Power Supply  
Battery type:none
Operation time on fully charged battery [h]:24
Recharging time of battery [min]:1
External power requirements :yes
Power consumption [W]:3
Data Storage, Software and Connectivity 
WiFi :N
Bluetooth :N
Other ports:USB 3.1, USB 2.0, PCIe, Thunderbolt
Type of data storage :none
Storage replaceble:N
Max data storage [Mb] :1000
Image data output and formats:RAW
Data transfer rate:400
More information 
Training facilities:yes
Main applications:360 panorama, virtual reality, industrial, sport, entertainment, aerial and city mapping, autonomous vehicles
Distinguishable features:Small, light, fast, compatible

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Supplier Information

  • Am Mittelhafen 16
  • 48155 Münster
  • Germany



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