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Tritech LRPA200

Product Name:Tritech LRPA200
Product Description:
Year of initial development:
Year of latest version:
Area of application:ROV and AUV altitude, Integration in bathymetry
Field of use:Low cost hydrographic surveys
Languages supported:
Power supply and communication 
Power supply:24V DC at 90mA or 12V DC at 180mA
Operating current:
Output interface :RS232 or RS485
Analog output:Yes
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:4.33
Weight in water [kg]:2.93
Width [m]:0.072
Length [m]:0.222
Min. operation temperature [°C}:-10
Max. operation temperature [°C}:35
Housing material:Aluminium alloy or stainless steel
Acoustic properties 
Min. Operating frequency [kHz]:200
Max. Operating frequency [kHz]:200
Beamwidth {deg}:10° conical
Min. acoustic accuracy :
Max. acoustic accuracy :
Digital resolution:1mm
Analog resolution:0.025% of range
Operating properties 
Telemetry:Analog, Digital, Both
Minimum range {m}:2
Maximum range {m}:200
Depth rating {m}:6800
Output data format:
Sampling rate (fixed or adjustable):
Data flow:Continous, Triggered, Both
Slant range correction:
Other specifications 
Data storage:External
Stand alone mode:Y
Sound velocity input:N
Pressure sensor:N
Right angled type:Y
Additional capabilities:
More information 
Distinguishable features:Control of the altimeters may be performed directly from a PC, from a suitable control system or as part of a multi-drop network. Full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies, together with a wide dynamic input range offer, unsurpassed levels of performance from a compact unit. The altimeter is also highly configurable and can provide interrogated or free-running modes and a variety of analogue outputs.

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Supplier Information
  • Tritech

  • Peregrine Road - Westhill Business Park
  • AB32 6JL Westhill
  • Aberdeenshire
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland