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Product Name:DensX
Product Description:
Width [mm]:100
Length [mm]:300
Height [mm]:800
Weight in air [kg]:70
Weight in water [kg]:60
Housing material:Stainlesss Steel (type 316)
Min. external power [Voltage]:0
Max. external power [Voltage]:30
Max. power consumption [W]:20
Type of battery:not applicable
Operating time on fully charged battery [hr]:not applicable
Operation Characteristics 
Sampling Method :X-ray technology
Working principle of measurement technique:The DensX measures mud densities between 1.0 T/m³ and 1.5 T/m³ with an accuracy of 0.25 %. The technology is based on X-ray and is a direct measurement method. With a sampling speed of 10 Hz the system supports fast profiling. The X-ray technology does not suffer from strong legislation restrictions like radioactive density measurement systems. The system weighs 70 kg and is able to deeply intrude into soft sediment layers.
Accessories:Along with the DensX comes a user friendly software that controls a fully automated winch*.
Calibration methods:
Max. operating depth [m]:35
Min. operating temperature [°C]:5
Max. operating temperature [°C]:40
Minimum range [gr / l]:1000
Maximum range [gr / l]:1500
Resolution [gr / l]:
Accuracy [%]:0.25
Yield Strength 
Minimum range [Pa]:0
Maximum range [Pa]:3.5
Resolution [P]:0.00014
Accuracy [%]:
Viscosity Measurement  
Minimum range [Pa s]:
Maximum range [Pa s]:
Resolution [Pa s]:
Accuracy [%]::
Temperature, Depth and other Sensors 
Temperature sensor:N
Temperature resolution [°C]:
Temperature measurement accuracy [%]:
Depth sensor:Y
Depth resolution [m]:0.0014
Depth measurement accuracy [%]:
GPS sensor:N
Others sensors:
Interfaces and Data 
Connectors:Data - ethernet cable
Output data/formats:Visualisation & control software via Atlantis
Internal Memory:Y
Storage size of internal memory [mb]:32000
Type of internal memory:SD
Included software:supplied with Windows® based software
More information 
Main applications:- Density based nautical depth criteria - Follow-up dredging depth, thickness, re-sedimentation and consolidation of sediment layers - Precise determination of ton dry weight of dredging material
Distinguishable features:-X-ray based, direct measurement system - High accuracy (0.25 %) - Fast sampling (10 Hz) - Standard ethernet communication - Software controlled ethernet winch with variable speeds

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Supplier Information
  • dotOcean

  • Gistelsesteenweg 294, b205
  • 8200 Brugge
  • West-Flanders
  • Belgium



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