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RheoTune Nautical depth

Product Name:RheoTune Nautical depth
Product Description:NEW PRODUCTION READY NAUTICAL DEPTH The RheoTune provides a proven track record in measuring in-situ density and yield strength profiles in (semi-) fluid muds. World-wide numerous harbour authorities rely on the Tune systems to keep their ports accessible at minimum dredging costs. The Tune family has recently been extended with the DensiTune Portable, a highly portable system to quickly obtain in-situ density profiles wherever you need them and from whatever platform. The Tunes are optimized to integrate with the Silas acoustic profiling system.
Width [mm]:150
Length [mm]:150
Height [mm]:650
Weight in air [kg]:15
Weight in water [kg]:13
Housing material:Stainless steel (IP68, 250m)
Min. external power [Voltage]:110
Max. external power [Voltage]:220
Max. power consumption [W]:35
Type of battery:
Operating time on fully charged battery [hr]:
Operation Characteristics 
Sampling Method :The RheoTune and DensiTune are versatile systems to be operated from the smallest vessel. To increase productivity an automated electrical winch or manual light weight winch with slip ring are available. The Tune systems are optimized to integrate with the SILAS seismic profiling system. The DensiTune P is especially suited for periodical calibration of this density mapping system.
Working principle of measurement technique:The theoretical background of tuning fork technology is implemented into a hands-on measurement device. Accurate In-situ density and yield-strength profiles are obtained calibration free.
Accessories:- Controlbox - Deckcable - Thermometer - Transportcase - Added weight (optional) - Intelliwinch automated winch system (optional) - Manual data winch with slipring (optional) - Silas acoustic density mapping system (optional)
Calibration methods:Calibration-free for density and yield stress. Calibration for other rheological parameters with area samples possible.
Max. operating depth [m]:200
Min. operating temperature [°C]:0
Max. operating temperature [°C]:60
Minimum range [gr / l]:1000
Maximum range [gr / l]:1800
Resolution [gr / l]:1
Accuracy [%]:1
Yield Strength 
Minimum range [Pa]:0
Maximum range [Pa]:1000
Resolution [P]:1
Accuracy [%]:5
Viscosity Measurement  
Minimum range [Pa s]:0
Maximum range [Pa s]:600
Resolution [Pa s]:1
Accuracy [%]::10
Temperature, Depth and other Sensors 
Temperature sensor:Y
Temperature resolution [°C]:0.1
Temperature measurement accuracy [%]:1
Depth sensor:Y
Depth resolution [m]:0.01
Depth measurement accuracy [%]:0.15
GPS sensor:N
Others sensors:Inclinometers
Interfaces and Data 
Output data/formats:- Density - Yield strength - Viscosity - Temperature - Depth (P) - Inclination - Dry Solids (post-processing required)
Internal Memory:N
Storage size of internal memory [mb]:
Type of internal memory:
Included software:- RheoEdit - RheoLog - RheoCal - Silas Acquisition (optional) - Silas Processing (optional)
More information 
Main applications:- Assurance of nautical accessibility of your harbour - Calibration of Silas acoustic density mapping system - Seabed stability assessment in coastal studies - Filling quantities management in disposal areas - Monitoring of siltation quantities and fluid loads in hopper bins
Distinguishable features:- Calibration free density and yield-strength - Viscosity and dry solid calculation - Light weight probes for easy operation and transport (additional weight available) - Ethernet data transmission and/or WiFi to laptop/Windows-tablet

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