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RTS360 Series

Product Name:RTS360 Series
Product Description:
Year of introduction :2013
Year of last update:
Height [m]:0.36
Width [m]:0.18
Depth [m]:0.22
Weight [kg]:6.0
Angle Measurement 
Standard deviation [arcsec]:2
Division [arcsec]:0.5
Standard deviations of other versions in serie:
Distance Measurement with Prism 
Standard deviation: constant part [mm] :2
Standard deviation: variable part [ppm}:2
Division [mm]:0.1
Maximum range with 1 standard prism [m]:3000
Maximum range with 1 mini prism [m]:1200
Maximum range with combined prisms [m]:5000
No. prisms for maximum range:500
Distance Measurement without Prism 
Standard deviation: constant part [mm] :3
Standard deviation: variable part [ppm] :2
Maximum range on Kodak gray [m]:300
Maximum range on Kodak white [m]:500
Minimum size of spot at 100m [mm2]:64
Minimum size of spot at maximum range [mm2]:100
Automatic Tracking and Locking 
Maximum range [m]:
Range Standard deviation: constant part [mm] :
Range Standard deviation: variable part [ppm] :
Maximum angular speed [deg/s]:
Automatic aiming uncertainty in autolock mode [arcsec]:
Tracking and recovery of moving prism:
Data Storage & Connectivity  
Internal memory [GB] :
SD Card [Y/N]: :
USB [Y/N] :
RS-232 /422 Serial [Y/N] :
Compact Flash [Y/N] :
Bluetooth {Y/N}:
WiFi {Y/N} :
Radio [Y/N]:
User Interface 
Operating System:
On-board survey software:
No. faces:2
Resolution [px rows x columns]:
Color display:
Screen size: length of diagonal ["]:3.5
Screen type :
Number of rows:320
Characters per row:240
No. keys:26
Note recording capability:
Power Supply  
Battery:Li-ion rechareable battery
Capacity :3400mAh
Max. operation time on one battery [hr]:8
Batteries hot-swappable:
Integrated camera 
Integrated camera available [Y/N]:
Resolution [px rows x columns]:
Field of View Horizontal [deg]:
Field of View Vertical [deg]:
Minimum working temperature [degC]:
Maximum working temperature [degC]:
IP dust/water protection class [IPxx]:
Robotic operation 
Maximum range of robotic operation[m]:
Compatible with GNSS for detail survey:
Recommended controller:
Controller IP rating:
Controller display type and size:
Graphical field note storage on controller:
Camera in controller:
Integrated Laser Scanning 
Integrated laser scanning available [Y/N]:
Scan speed [points / second]:
Angular interval of scan points [arcsec]:
Laser plummet :Y
Guiding light :
Integration with GNSS receiver possible [Y/N] :
Integration with RTK workflow possible [Y/N] :
Standard warranty [years] :
Reach of global support network :
More information 
Distinguishable features :RTS360 Windows CE total station with endless drives, two professional on-board software: FOIF FieldGenius or Carlson SurvCE

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