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OrthoGraph Architect

Product Name:OrthoGraph Architect
Product Description:
Year of introduction :2011
Year of last update :2015
Supported hardware :Leica D110, D510, D810 Bosch GLM 100 C
Supported operation system:Other
Type of data storage:File, Private cloud
Native storage format:SRVD
Input Formats:jpg, others
Export formats:dxf, jpg, others
GML version:not supported
Web standards:
Spatial database management systems:
Messaging protocols:XML
Publish standards:None
Available API’s:none
Data management 
Security options for access:Y
Search on file content:Y
Version management:Y
Save standardization for drawings/maps :Settings, Symbols, User-defined objects
Spatial reference system:
Geometry types 
2D Construction 
Positioning by coördinates:N
Positioning by Dimensions:Y
Positioning by snapping:Y
Positioning on virtual raster:N
Positioning in relation to other element:
2D Editing 
Graphic transformations:
Coordinate transformations:none
Data analysis 
Topology :
Tools to detect errors:The surveyors have graphical feedback which wall sections are measured and which not, so it cannot happen anymore that some measurements are missing.
Types :
Change view:
License or freeware:License
Main users:architect, building surveyor,
Main applications:OrthoGraph architect
Related products:OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module
Distinguishable features:1.)Sketch recognition: Draw like with pen on paper and the software recognizes it and converts the lines into walls. 2.)Measure: Measure anything: Make the measurement process even easier with the Leica and Bosch laser distance meter support. 3.)Intelligently updating measurements: OrthoGraph always reflects the entered distances instantly by moving the secondly chosen point from the first chosen into the direction of measurement. 4.)Export the results of your work: When you are ready with your work, export the files in one of the professional output file formats like IFC, DXF, JPG, PDF and use them further in ArchiCAD, AutoCAD or in Solibri Model viewer. 5.)The app handles everything in a complex 3D Model. 6.)BIM structure: OrthoGraph handles several BIM properties such as a complex hierarchical location structure, doors and windows with opening directions, 46 intelligent objects with properties; walls have properties like color, attached picture etc.… 7.)Cloud Storage

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