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Mobile Mappers

Mobile mappers are devices that collect geospatial data from a mobile vehicle, typically fitted with a range of photographic, radar, laser, LiDAR or any number of remote sensing systems. Such systems are composed of an integrated array of time synchronised navigation sensors and imaging sensors mounted on a mobile platform. The primary output from such systems includes GIS data, digital maps, and georeferenced images and video.

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Siteco Informatica

THE INTEGRATED SYSTEM FOR LASER MAPPING AND PAVEMENT INSPECTION. The SITECO Road-Scanner platform fully integrated with the Pavemetrics LCMS vision system

HiScan-C Mobile Mapping System
HiScan-C Mobile Mapping System

Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co., Ltd

HiScan integrated mobile mapping system is easy and convenient to be mounted on cars, boats or other mobile carriers. HiScan can get high accurate POS data, high-den

Lynx HS-600 Dual
Lynx HS-600 Dual

Teledyne Optech

The Optech Lynx HS-600 Dual is a premium mobile mapping solution designed to maximize data accuracy and cost efficiency for survey-grade projects on high-speed road


Topcon Europe Positioning

The IP-S3 mobile mapping system offers high density, high precision, point clouds combined with high resolution panoramas from a system that is smaller, lighter and

ROBIN - The World's Most Flexible MMS
ROBIN - The World's Most Flexible MMS

3D Laser Mapping

Meet ROBIN, the world’s most flexible mobile mapping system. ROBIN is the ultimate in mobile mapping systems, allowing you to see the world in 3D from your persp

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